To improve the global human civilization

We must take action

There are two levels of actions that can influence a change towards a better global human civilization


Actions that impact small groups of people

  • Individual
  • Household
  • Local Neighborhod
  • City, Town, or County


Actions that impact mass groups of people

  • State, Providence, or Territory
  • Country
  • International
  • Planetary

We believe that the best way to build a better global human civilization is by making changes to our actions on both a micro and macro level. By taking action on both of these levels, the results of these changes will culminate to a critical mass that will create the monumental change that is needed to build a global human civilization that maintains the best interest of every single human being.

As the HCRC we will continue to share ways that we can all take actions on both a micro and a macro level to initiate these necessary changes through all forms of media that we participate in. It is up to each and everyone of us, including ourselves as the HCRC, to take actions on all levels to help build the global human civilization we envision.

We will continue to expand the ways we help inspire and initiate action

More to Come

Which leads us to our other Pillars

The Pillar of Culture

The Pillar of Community

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