Classifications and Categorizations of Chaos

As human beings, we live in a continuum of revolving questions and answers. We venture out, searching for answers to questions we have and as we find those answers, we begin to think of new questions. Our questions as human beings can be constituted by two functions, curiosity, and a need to solve a problem.Continue reading “Classifications and Categorizations of Chaos”

Focused on the Problem

For the majority of human beings, we can envision the future. Just because the majority of us can though it does depend upon that specific human being if they do actively utilize their ability to envision the future. If you are a human being that does actively utilize your ability to envision the future, thenContinue reading “Focused on the Problem”

Connecting to the Goal

Each human being has goals that they want to achieve through the course of their existence. Whether they are conscious of these goals or not, every human being has set goals for their life. Although all human beings have goals, we cannot say all human beings achieve their goals. The question is, what drives humanContinue reading “Connecting to the Goal”

When the situation calls for it

Our quest to build a better global human civilization is riddled with many obstacles in the path. If we are to positively progress as a species then we must follow this path towards a better global human civilization regardless of the obstacles that try to deter us. Whether these obstacles exist in the physical realmContinue reading “When the situation calls for it”

Receptive to Reformation

As the HCRC, we have illustrated the human species’ need for a set of principles to guide our actions towards the achievement of a better global human civilization. These principles can be seen as our guide on the path towards building this better global human civilization. Without guiding principles, we are bound to get lostContinue reading “Receptive to Reformation”

Compassion in Action – Part 3

In the effort to mobilize compassion to help progress humanity towards the achievement of a better global human civilization we have explored the previous confines that may have limited our ability to demonstrate compassion to its furthest extent. Without the mobilization of compassion, we will not be able to ensure our actions will create theContinue reading “Compassion in Action – Part 3”

Compassion in Action – Part 2

The alignment of our actions will determine the achievement of the desired result. For humanity, our desired result must consist of a better global human civilization that has the best interest in mind for every single member of the human species. While we strive to achieve this goal, we must consistently calibrate our actions toContinue reading “Compassion in Action – Part 2”

Compassion in Action – Part 1

What does it mean to live out our existence as compassionate human beings? Where does compassion start and where does it end, or should even end at all? As we quest for a better global human civilization, these are a couple of the infinite questions we each must contemplate as members of the human speciesContinue reading “Compassion in Action – Part 1”

The Path Towards Positively Progressing

Our mentality as individual human beings dictates the actions and reactions we will have throughout the existence we experience. If our goal as a species is to exist within a global human civilization that has the best interest of every single member of the human species, our actions must support this goal. Each human beingContinue reading “The Path Towards Positively Progressing”

A Chain Reaction of Change

When we analyze the global human civilization that we exist within, we must contemplate if we are satisfied with the current state of affairs. Can we look at the complete population of the human species and say that all human beings currently enjoy their Privileges of Existence? Has our civilization advanced to a point whereContinue reading “A Chain Reaction of Change”