Fairness: the practicability of the principle

Ensuring that every human being can meaningfully contribute to society to help in positively progressing the human species means that we must each find a role that we are connected to. As detailed in our previous post, one potential pitfall to idealistic thinking of this nature is that there is room for some human beingsContinue reading “Fairness: the practicability of the principle”

Meaningful Contributions to Society

When we began to ponder the changes that need to take place to ensure a better global human civilization, we generally tend to think of macro-level policies that can instill the proper guard rails necessary to achieve this goal. As the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition, we subscribe to an ideology that values the importance ofContinue reading “Meaningful Contributions to Society”

Where, What, and How? Contemplations of the Education System

As members of the human species in 2020, we exist in a time that the foundational institutions of society are open to reformation. The year 2020 has had several catalytic moments that essentially anyone conscious at the time can agree either inspired or forced us, as humanity, to examine the reality that we have builtContinue reading “Where, What, and How? Contemplations of the Education System”

Embedded Lessons of Historical Importance

As human beings existing in the year 2020, we have a plethora of information to look back on regarding the history of humanity up to this point. As the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition, we hold the belief that knowing and understanding our shared history of humanity is dire if we are to truly build aContinue reading “Embedded Lessons of Historical Importance”

Responsible Expressions of Free Speech

In the past few weeks, the subject of free speech has become a central issue. The focus has primarily been about the tradeoffs of free speech compared to the safety of those who may be on the receiving end of that speech. In a democratic society, the privilege of free speech is at the topContinue reading “Responsible Expressions of Free Speech”

The Tightrope of Existence

The forces of energy that human beings define as life comes in many forms. Within all forms of life, we find a duality that each form of life is intrinsically guided by. On one side, we find that life is resilient. Withstanding all obstacles, a physical being endowed with life is inclined to ensure theContinue reading “The Tightrope of Existence”

Fixing a Broken Society

In a time when human beings are seemingly more divided than ever, there is one thing I am willing to say that we can all agree on. The reality of human existence, the systems of the global human civilization is broken. Though this is not a startling revelation to any reader, it is interesting toContinue reading “Fixing a Broken Society”

Declarations Regarding 2020

Most people would practically cringe if I were to ask them how they felt about the state of humanity. Given the events of 2020 many people have seemed to turn into pessimists about the state of humanity, and prior pessimists are even less hopeful about the state of humanity. The timeline of events that placedContinue reading “Declarations Regarding 2020”

Trust Issues – Part 2

To any human being who has been an observer of events, especially recent events, it is apparent that a mentality of low trust is rotting away at the gears that allow our global human civilization to operate. How did it get this way? Is there a way for us to rebuild trust within our society?Continue reading “Trust Issues – Part 2”