Every human is part of the same community

The Global Human Civilization

As long as we are members of the human species we are all members of this global human civilization.

As the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition, we believe we must build a community of humans that want to actively participate in a global human civilization that includes the best interest and well being of all human beings. Below are ways we are beginning to build this community.

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We only ask for your email address and an open mind. This is because we do not need your name or any other data from you. We only have the desire to share information with you that will help build a better global human civilization for all human beings.

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The power of social media can be utilized for good if it is used in a manner that allows it to be good. These tools allow us to build the Coalition Community by helping human beings connect who share a similar concern for a better global human civilization. Please join us in building this global human civilization and show that there are numbers behind this community.

You can find all the links to our social media pages at the bottom of this webpage or any of the other webpages in our website.

Coalition Community Gatherings

Despite the digital presence of the Coalition, we believe firmly in the power of human to human interaction. The information and ideas that we share are meant to be discussions that occur through all walks of life and all settings that human beings reside within. We introduce the Coalition Community Gatherings, our contribution towards creating a safe haven for these discussions to occur.

More Coming Soon on Official Coalition Community Gatherings

In the meantime, next time you are in a conversation with a family member, friend, colleague, or potentially even a stranger, feel free to discuss any of the Topics of Importance that will help the human species build a better global human civilization that we all envision.

Which leads us to our other Pillars

The Pillar of Culture

The Pillar of Action

“Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

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