To secure a better future for all human beings

The human culture must change to support a vision of a future that is better for all human beings

Culture is determined by the collective actions and behaviors that we display in every moment of our existence. To change a culture means to change our collective actions and behaviors. As human beings, we act and behave based upon our belief structures and the experiences we have had.

To make a change to our global human civilization we must change the culture

Topics of Importance

With the current state of the human species and the global human civilization, we believe having open-minded discussions about the following topics will lead towards this change of culture

The global human civilization

The human species

The current and future threats to the human species and the global human civilization

The necessary systems, institutions, amenities, and resources for every individual human being to live their life in a manner that allows them to positively contribute to the global human civilization

This is the change that will create a better future for all human beings

Presenting these topics in a open-minded forum is our purpose. Please view the current ways we are discussing these Topics of Importance below and join us in the discussion.

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