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Where, What, and How? Contemplations of the Education System

As members of the human species in 2020, we exist in a time that the foundational institutions of society are open to reformation. The year 2020 has had several catalytic moments that essentially anyone conscious at the time can agree either inspired or forced us, as humanity, to examine the reality that we have builtContinue reading “Where, What, and How? Contemplations of the Education System”

Exponential Optimism

In an age where a human being is merited upon the actions they take and the results of said actions, now more than ever is an important time for a conversation around the motives of our actions. If we were to continue to pull the layers back on the motives of human action, we willContinue reading “Exponential Optimism”

Trust Issues – Part 1

As the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition, we believe that numerous problems face humanity and can affect the existence of our species. In the effort of a continuous conversation concerning the problems that face humanity and the potential solutions towards these problems, we feel there is no other time appropriate for a discussion revolving the issueContinue reading “Trust Issues – Part 1”

A Melting Pot of Ideas

The development of tools to advance our abilities beyond the bounds of traditional human capability has been one characteristic that has allowed us to flourish as a species. Although other species of animals have been found to conduct themselves similarly, that is using tools to enhance one’s ability to sustain their life, it should beContinue reading “A Melting Pot of Ideas”

A Plethora of Perceptions

Continuation of the human species requires a diligent awareness of the problems that can affect humanity’s existence. The only way that we can bring awareness to our problems as a species is through a conscious effort of compiling and organizing these problems. As the HCRC, we have endeavored upon this task of building a versionContinue reading “A Plethora of Perceptions”

The Origin of Issues

As human beings, we all have various levels of awareness. What determines each human being’s specific level of awareness for any given situation can vary based upon a variety of factors. Existence as a human being can be dynamically fickle which does not allow for an easy ability to construct a one size fits allContinue reading “The Origin of Issues”

Focused on the Problem

For the majority of human beings, we can envision the future. Just because the majority of us can though it does depend upon that specific human being if they do actively utilize their ability to envision the future. If you are a human being that does actively utilize your ability to envision the future, thenContinue reading “Focused on the Problem”

Connecting to the Goal

Each human being has goals that they want to achieve through the course of their existence. Whether they are conscious of these goals or not, every human being has set goals for their life. Although all human beings have goals, we cannot say all human beings achieve their goals. The question is, what drives humanContinue reading “Connecting to the Goal”

Receptive to Reformation

As the HCRC, we have illustrated the human species’ need for a set of principles to guide our actions towards the achievement of a better global human civilization. These principles can be seen as our guide on the path towards building this better global human civilization. Without guiding principles, we are bound to get lostContinue reading “Receptive to Reformation”

A Chain Reaction of Change

When we analyze the global human civilization that we exist within, we must contemplate if we are satisfied with the current state of affairs. Can we look at the complete population of the human species and say that all human beings currently enjoy their Privileges of Existence? Has our civilization advanced to a point whereContinue reading “A Chain Reaction of Change”

Core Commonalities of the Human Species: Part 3 – The Final Installment

Understanding what connects us as members of the human species is the key to unlocking a better global human civilization. There are core commonalities that we all share as members of the human species. These commonalities are the indisputable truths that dictate the existence we experience as human beings, the human experience. When we comeContinue reading “Core Commonalities of the Human Species: Part 3 – The Final Installment”

Core Commonalities of the Human Species – Part 1: Life

A plague runs rampant among the human species and every member has been infected and affected to varying degrees. This plague is the deadly disease of division among the members of the human species. To truly build a better global human civilization that has the best interest of every human being we must abolish theContinue reading “Core Commonalities of the Human Species – Part 1: Life”

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