Compassion in Action – Part 3

In the effort to mobilize compassion to help progress humanity towards the achievement of a better global human civilization we have explored the previous confines that may have limited our ability to demonstrate compassion to its furthest extent. Without the mobilization of compassion, we will not be able to ensure our actions will create theContinue reading “Compassion in Action – Part 3”

Compassion in Action – Part 2

The alignment of our actions will determine the achievement of the desired result. For humanity, our desired result must consist of a better global human civilization that has the best interest in mind for every single member of the human species. While we strive to achieve this goal, we must consistently calibrate our actions toContinue reading “Compassion in Action – Part 2”

Compassion in Action – Part 1

What does it mean to live out our existence as compassionate human beings? Where does compassion start and where does it end, or should even end at all? As we quest for a better global human civilization, these are a couple of the infinite questions we each must contemplate as members of the human speciesContinue reading “Compassion in Action – Part 1”

The Path Towards Positively Progressing

Our mentality as individual human beings dictates the actions and reactions we will have throughout the existence we experience. If our goal as a species is to exist within a global human civilization that has the best interest of every single member of the human species, our actions must support this goal. Each human beingContinue reading “The Path Towards Positively Progressing”