The Tightrope of Existence

The forces of energy that human beings define as life comes in many forms. Within all forms of life, we find a duality that each form of life is intrinsically guided by. On one side, we find that life is resilient. Withstanding all obstacles, a physical being endowed with life is inclined to ensure theContinue reading “The Tightrope of Existence”

Focused on the Problem

For the majority of human beings, we can envision the future. Just because the majority of us can though it does depend upon that specific human being if they do actively utilize their ability to envision the future. If you are a human being that does actively utilize your ability to envision the future, thenContinue reading “Focused on the Problem”

Privileges of Existence – Part 3

A global human civilization that successfully operates with the best interest of every member of the human species requires every human being to contribute to that success. While every member of the human species will have different skills to contribute, we must recognize that the more human beings that focus their energy on positively progressingContinue reading “Privileges of Existence – Part 3”

Privileges of Existence – Part 1

As the HCRC, we have established a set of commonalities that we all share as members of the human species. Our need to understand these commonalities are dire due to their undeniable connection to each of our experiences of existence. We have detailed these commonalities to illustrate how as human beings we are all connectedContinue reading “Privileges of Existence – Part 1”

Core Commonalities of the Human Species – Part 2: Death

Countless forms of life exist within Planet Earth. Of all these different forms of life that exist on Planet Earth, there is one creature known as the human being, and we are that creature. As human beings, we share a bond based on the fact that we are all the same type of creatures whoContinue reading “Core Commonalities of the Human Species – Part 2: Death”