Fairness: the practicability of the principle

Ensuring that every human being can meaningfully contribute to society to help in positively progressing the human species means that we must each find a role that we are connected to. As detailed in our previous post, one potential pitfall to idealistic thinking of this nature is that there is room for some human beingsContinue reading “Fairness: the practicability of the principle”

Connecting to the Goal

Each human being has goals that they want to achieve through the course of their existence. Whether they are conscious of these goals or not, every human being has set goals for their life. Although all human beings have goals, we cannot say all human beings achieve their goals. The question is, what drives humanContinue reading “Connecting to the Goal”

When the situation calls for it

Our quest to build a better global human civilization is riddled with many obstacles in the path. If we are to positively progress as a species then we must follow this path towards a better global human civilization regardless of the obstacles that try to deter us. Whether these obstacles exist in the physical realmContinue reading “When the situation calls for it”

Receptive to Reformation

As the HCRC, we have illustrated the human species’ need for a set of principles to guide our actions towards the achievement of a better global human civilization. These principles can be seen as our guide on the path towards building this better global human civilization. Without guiding principles, we are bound to get lostContinue reading “Receptive to Reformation”

Compassion in Action – Part 1

What does it mean to live out our existence as compassionate human beings? Where does compassion start and where does it end, or should even end at all? As we quest for a better global human civilization, these are a couple of the infinite questions we each must contemplate as members of the human speciesContinue reading “Compassion in Action – Part 1”