Fixing a Broken Society

In a time when human beings are seemingly more divided than ever, there is one thing I am willing to say that we can all agree on. The reality of human existence, the systems of the global human civilization is broken. Though this is not a startling revelation to any reader, it is interesting toContinue reading “Fixing a Broken Society”

Trust Issues – Part 2

To any human being who has been an observer of events, especially recent events, it is apparent that a mentality of low trust is rotting away at the gears that allow our global human civilization to operate. How did it get this way? Is there a way for us to rebuild trust within our society?Continue reading “Trust Issues – Part 2”

Trust Issues – Part 1

As the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition, we believe that numerous problems face humanity and can affect the existence of our species. In the effort of a continuous conversation concerning the problems that face humanity and the potential solutions towards these problems, we feel there is no other time appropriate for a discussion revolving the issueContinue reading “Trust Issues – Part 1”

A Plethora of Perceptions

Continuation of the human species requires a diligent awareness of the problems that can affect humanity’s existence. The only way that we can bring awareness to our problems as a species is through a conscious effort of compiling and organizing these problems. As the HCRC, we have endeavored upon this task of building a versionContinue reading “A Plethora of Perceptions”

Three variables of problem prioritization

As human beings, there are numerous things to do and minimal time to do it. What gets done now and what should get done later is a question we consistently ask ourselves as we decide which actions to take in our day to day lives. Consciously and subconsciously we organize the actions we take inContinue reading “Three variables of problem prioritization”

When the situation calls for it

Our quest to build a better global human civilization is riddled with many obstacles in the path. If we are to positively progress as a species then we must follow this path towards a better global human civilization regardless of the obstacles that try to deter us. Whether these obstacles exist in the physical realmContinue reading “When the situation calls for it”

Receptive to Reformation

As the HCRC, we have illustrated the human species’ need for a set of principles to guide our actions towards the achievement of a better global human civilization. These principles can be seen as our guide on the path towards building this better global human civilization. Without guiding principles, we are bound to get lostContinue reading “Receptive to Reformation”

Compassion in Action – Part 3

In the effort to mobilize compassion to help progress humanity towards the achievement of a better global human civilization we have explored the previous confines that may have limited our ability to demonstrate compassion to its furthest extent. Without the mobilization of compassion, we will not be able to ensure our actions will create theContinue reading “Compassion in Action – Part 3”

Compassion in Action – Part 2

The alignment of our actions will determine the achievement of the desired result. For humanity, our desired result must consist of a better global human civilization that has the best interest in mind for every single member of the human species. While we strive to achieve this goal, we must consistently calibrate our actions toContinue reading “Compassion in Action – Part 2”

The Path Towards Positively Progressing

Our mentality as individual human beings dictates the actions and reactions we will have throughout the existence we experience. If our goal as a species is to exist within a global human civilization that has the best interest of every single member of the human species, our actions must support this goal. Each human beingContinue reading “The Path Towards Positively Progressing”