The Tightrope of Existence

The forces of energy that human beings define as life comes in many forms. Within all forms of life, we find a duality that each form of life is intrinsically guided by. On one side, we find that life is resilient. Withstanding all obstacles, a physical being endowed with life is inclined to ensure theContinue reading “The Tightrope of Existence”

A Chain Reaction of Change

When we analyze the global human civilization that we exist within, we must contemplate if we are satisfied with the current state of affairs. Can we look at the complete population of the human species and say that all human beings currently enjoy their Privileges of Existence? Has our civilization advanced to a point whereContinue reading “A Chain Reaction of Change”

Core Commonalities of the Human Species: Part 3 – The Final Installment

Understanding what connects us as members of the human species is the key to unlocking a better global human civilization. There are core commonalities that we all share as members of the human species. These commonalities are the indisputable truths that dictate the existence we experience as human beings, the human experience. When we comeContinue reading “Core Commonalities of the Human Species: Part 3 – The Final Installment”