Purposeful Utilization of Tools

Each tool can be used for both intrinsically good and evil reasons. While some tools are built with specific intentions, of good or evil, while other tools are built out of the spirit of innovation, all tools can serve both good and evil purposes. What determines how a tool gets used? Generally, that is determinedContinue reading “Purposeful Utilization of Tools”

A Plethora of Perceptions

Continuation of the human species requires a diligent awareness of the problems that can affect humanity’s existence. The only way that we can bring awareness to our problems as a species is through a conscious effort of compiling and organizing these problems. As the HCRC, we have endeavored upon this task of building a versionContinue reading “A Plethora of Perceptions”

Classifications and Categorizations of Chaos

As human beings, we live in a continuum of revolving questions and answers. We venture out, searching for answers to questions we have and as we find those answers, we begin to think of new questions. Our questions as human beings can be constituted by two functions, curiosity, and a need to solve a problem.Continue reading “Classifications and Categorizations of Chaos”

A Chain Reaction of Change

When we analyze the global human civilization that we exist within, we must contemplate if we are satisfied with the current state of affairs. Can we look at the complete population of the human species and say that all human beings currently enjoy their Privileges of Existence? Has our civilization advanced to a point whereContinue reading “A Chain Reaction of Change”

Privileges of Existence – Part 1

As the HCRC, we have established a set of commonalities that we all share as members of the human species. Our need to understand these commonalities are dire due to their undeniable connection to each of our experiences of existence. We have detailed these commonalities to illustrate how as human beings we are all connectedContinue reading “Privileges of Existence – Part 1”

Devising a plan against division

As the HCRC, we believe that numerous problems are currently facing the global human civilization. Many of these problems have been constructed by a complex web of actions, circumstances, and situations that have played out on a global scale. With problems that have been created on a global scale, it is no surprise that theseContinue reading “Devising a plan against division”