The Tightrope of Existence

The forces of energy that human beings define as life comes in many forms. Within all forms of life, we find a duality that each form of life is intrinsically guided by. On one side, we find that life is resilient. Withstanding all obstacles, a physical being endowed with life is inclined to ensure theContinue reading “The Tightrope of Existence”

Privileges of Existence- Part 2

Each human being is consistently striving to find their true self through the course of their existence. As the HCRC, we define the discovery of this true self as a human being who has found a way to live their life in which it brings them internal happiness and peace. This can occur both consciouslyContinue reading “Privileges of Existence- Part 2”

Core Commonalities of the Human Species – Part 1: Life

A plague runs rampant among the human species and every member has been infected and affected to varying degrees. This plague is the deadly disease of division among the members of the human species. To truly build a better global human civilization that has the best interest of every human being we must abolish theContinue reading “Core Commonalities of the Human Species – Part 1: Life”